Please do not use this form unless instructed to do so by someone from our staff.

As a fraud prevention measure, credit card companies – and our bank – require us to positively verify that a customer is in physical possession of a card they wish to use for charges at the Iwokrama Canopy Walkway. This step can be avoided by visiting our office in Georgetown and making payment in person.

We understand this procedure seems archaic, but unfortunately it is an unavoidable necessity. For years this process has been accomplished via fax, an inherently insecure method of communication. Today, we use a convenient and secure online form which will transmit your authorization to our Accounting Department using 256-bit SSL technology.

You will be asked to supply an image of your card. You have two options:

  • Upload an existing .JPG of the front and back of your card
  • Take a picture of your card using your computer’s webcam

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