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  • A Great Place to Stay5 of 5 stars Managers were very friendly and accommodating. Leon, our guide, was fantastic and had an amazing knowledge of the birds and other animals we encountered.
    - Michael H, Wadhurst England | Trip Advisor, February 2014
  • The employees are simply fantastic…5 of 5 stars The employees are simply fantastic and the Haulier Monkeys a memorable moment, especially at 3 am!
    - Ariasalsa, Vienna, Austria | TripAdvisor, December 2013
  • An Amazing Experience!5 of 5 stars Guided by Leon we went to watch, listen and feel the pulse of the jungle at it's best! The sight from the top of the walkway is breathtaking and a night at the lodge is well... Unforgettable!
    - Ariasalsa, Vienna, Austria | TripAdvisor, December 2013
  • Memorable5 of 5 stars I had a very rewarding experience. There are some dramatic vista and some lovely birds to see, especially if you visit in the late afternoon as the wildlife winds down and roosts within the canopy. If you are lucky Leon will guide you, a very experienced birder with a real passion for wildlife. Our moment with the White Winged Potoo at twilight was special.
    - sbruce912, Ipswitch, UK | Trip Advisor, October 2013
  • Fantastic5 out of 5 stars Excellent to see the birds high up early in the morning from a decent height especially watching the Mccaws flying over. Most bird sightings are at distance but usually they also provide high powered lenses for viewing if you do not have your own.
    - Daveb412, Southampton, UK | TripAdvisor, September 2013
  • High in the Tree Tops5 of 5 stars Walking eye to eye with the birds and wildlife of the Jungle is a very enjoyable experience and this is what makes Atta Canopy Walkway such a special adventure, well worth a day or three to visit and soak up the jungle scene.
    - Jeffoclarko, Whitchurch, UK | Trip Advisor, July 2013
  • Great Views5 of 5 stars My friend and I visited here while we were staying at the Rainforest Lodge -- it was excellent. The walkway is situated at a high-enough height that we were able to see many birds.
    - Darin J, Des Moines, Iowa USA | Trip Advisor, April 2012
  • WonderfulBrilliant! Even more remote and felt fully immersed in the jungle. Saw howler monkeys whilst sitting on my bed! Dawn chorus was amazing, and the staff were really friendly and happy to sit up chatting with us. I loved staying here.
    - Beardysaurus, Wrightington, UK | Trip Advisor, December 2011
  • Incredible FacilityOur birding guide was simply supernatural in his ability to spot and describe birds. The canopy walk way gives you a really unusual perspective on the forest and it's inhabitants. The only draw back for us was that we seemed to arriving when we weren't expected, so there was a little awkwarness at first. However the staff cheerfully served us juice and cookies before and after the walkway tour.
    - Marilyn, Missoula, Montana USA | Trip Advisor, December 2011

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