National Geographic calls Guyana Best Kept Secret in South America

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    Chestnut Woodpecker at the Iwokrama Canopy Walkway (video) Guests on the Walkway this morning were treated to an earful of wonderful rainforest noises at daybreak... one alert guest directed the attention of the group to a relatively common visitor to the forest near the Walkway, a sleek chestnut woodpecker (Celeus elegans). A day or two at the Iwokrama Canopy Walkway is a feast [...]
    Are Camera Traps the next big thing in tourism? Back in 2012 we installed some of the first camera traps to be used in the Iwokrama Rain Forest, taking the lead from some very successful camera trap projects down at Karanambu Lodge. We have had some trouble getting the footage transmitted over the thready internet signal at the lodge, but we're slowly getting clips [...]
    Burrowing owls spotted by Leon Moore True to its name, the Burrowing Owl nests in a hole in the ground. Although it is quite willing to dig its own burrow, it often uses one already provided by prairie dogs, skunks, armadillos, or tortoises. Leon caught a glimpse of this one while travelling with guests between the Canopy Walkway and Karanambu Lodge.
    Jaguars spotted near Canopy Walkway

    Guide Leon Moore and some truly estatic guests were treated to Jaguar sightings on the road near the entrance to Atta Rainforest Lodge and the Canopy Walkway

    Conservation Champion Sydney Allicock

    Conservation International recognizes Surama elder (and Parliamentary Minister) Sydney Allicock as a “Conservation Champion Who Rocked Our World” in 2013.

    Lost Land of the Jaguars BBC Crew back at Canopy Walkway

    The production team from the BBC’s Lost Land of the Jaguars is back in Guyana, staying with us at Atta Rainforest Lodge!

    Canopy Walkway guide Leon Moore named Guyana’s Tour Guide of the Year Props to our resident guide Leon Moore who was honored last evening by the Ministry of Tourism as Tour Guide of the Year. It's a big honor for Leon, but no surprise given how many of his guests send back compliments about how much they valued his expertise and kindness. Great work, Leon! PS: it's [...]
    National Geographic calls Guyana Best Kept Secret in South America Is Green the New Gold? National Geographic says that Guyana may be the best-kept secret in South America, with most of the country still covered in wild forest. Stunning natural wonders – stretching from newly restored mangroves near Georgetown to the mighty Kaieteur Falls to the pristine Iwokrama rain forest, Guyana offers curious travelers an [...]
    Spectacular nightjar spotted near Atta Rainforest Lodge Canopy Walkway guide Leon Moore really outdid himself with this shot of a nightjar resting near the pathway leading up to the Walkway. He spotted it while leading guests up for afternoon sundowners on the platforms overlooking the rich canopy of the Iwokrama Rainforest. What do you think you might see when you visit us?
    Rare Crimson Fruitcrow spotted near Canopy Walkway Guests were treated to a rare sighting of an elusive crimson fruitcrow today. Guide Leon Moore reports that trees near the clearing surrounding the Atta Rainforest Lodge are in their fruiting cycle, attracting this and numerous other bird species. Quite a sight!

    The Iwokrama Canopy Walkway is situated at Mauisparu, near the southern boundary of the Iwokrama Reserve in central Guyana. We are approximately 300km (190 mi) south of Georgetown and 130km (80 mi) north of Lethem on the Brazilain border. Surama Village and Rock View Lodge are about 45 minutes away by road, and Iwokrama River Lodge is about 75 minutes away. The nearest airstrips are Annai (Rock View Lodge) and Surama, although there is an airstrip at Fair View Village adjacent to Iwokrama River Lodge.

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